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Santiago days: Shopping and sightseeing

Written by Birgit 30.3.0213

Santiago skyline

This blog post is written in English because I will write about people who don't speak Norwegian. We will continue to write in Norwegian, but since we figured it's not so nice to write about people in a language they don't understand, we've made an exception for this blogpost.
We have spent quite a lot of time in Santiago lately. We didn't go there by bike, but left the bikes first at a hostel in Santa Cruz and then at a hostel in Valparaiso and went to Santiago by bus - twice.
First we needed some spare parts for the bikes - well, not some, but quite a few parts; chains, cassette, tubes, gear wires, spokes, bottom brackets, tool to change the bottom bracket, hose for our pump, tires, bar ends and break pads. Well, that's not a small task to find all these things, ecpesially since we have brands and sizes which are not standard here...
The results after a day of intensive shopping in Sanatiago

We are very lucky to have a friend living in Santiago. We met him at a camping in Puerto Villa Tranquilo at Carretera Austral. He is a bike fantast and seems to know everyone working in the bike shops in Santiago. We spent a whole day shopping and in the end we got everything we needed. If we had been on our own trying to do the shopping, I think we would still be running around in Santiago...
After the big shopping day, we spent some really nice days in Ricardo and his family's house. They showed us an incredible hospitality and we had great days that we will never forget!!! Here are some photos from sightseeing in and around Santiago and a Chilean bbq at Ricardo and his family's home:
Emilia, the dog in the family.
She is a Chilean terrier, the first internationally recognised Chilean dog breed
Santiago (or parts of Santiago) at dusk
Just a short drive out of Santiago!!
Ricardo and Anders
- note the sign saying that the road is only suitable for 4x4

Let's do a jump!

In Pomaire  they had a 10 kg empanada
- unfortunately it was only for show,
but the 1 kg empanadas that was for sale are pretty big too
Anders with the super big empanada (just for show)
- and his own 1 kg empanada on the plate
Jump around at Cristobal hill with an amazing view of Santiago

Ricardo, Emilia and Anders


Javiera, Ricardo, Emilia and Anders

We are borrowing Emilia.
- look who's happy!

Santiago view

Just had to take photos of this dog with a pink lipstick kiss on his nose

It's a big spider,
but not big compared with the cars that almost drow over him.
Ricardo rescued him and put him off the road

BBQ, the Chilean way!
Ricardo and Emilia, me, Rockefeller, Bill Gates,
Ricardo's mother and father and Anders in the back.
Cheerful and very nice people!

At the table

After almost a week in Santiago, we returned to Santa Cruz, got our bikes and continued biking. We stayed some days to do surfing in Pichilemu and then went to Valparaiso - and took the bus back to Santiago to pick up our computer which had been repared at Acer in Santiago. - And we were once more welcomed to Ricardo's home. And we had another bbq!!

They're serious about the bbq in Chile!

Thanks a lot for great hospitality and great days in Santiago!!!!

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  1. Lars Tandle Kyllingstad9. april 2013 kl. 21:02

    Må jo bare si at huskyen var veldig fotogen. Fantastisk øyefarge! Men jeg skjønner jo at Birgit lot seg sjarmere av Emilia også. :-)

    1. Ja, den huskyen var bare helt fantastisk! Jeg dilta etter den en stund for å få med øynene og kyssemerket :) - og Emilia var jo søøøt, da....
      - ja, dette var svaret er skrevet av Birgit, men det var kanskje opplagt


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